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The page of Rúfus, Milan, English bibliography

Image of Rúfus, Milan
Rúfus, Milan


When We Have Matured (Až dozrieme 1956)
Boy (Chla­pec, 1966)
Bells (Zvony, 1968)
A Triptych (When We Have Matu­red, Boy, In No Man’s Land, 1966)
People in the Mountains (
Ľudia v horách, 1969)
The Table of the Poor (Stôl chudobn
ých, 1972)
Cradle (Kolíska, 1972)
A Search for an Image (H
ľadanie obrazu, 1973)
A Boy Paints a Rainbow (Chlapec ma
ľuje dúhu 1974)
A Cradle Sings to Children (Kolíska spieva de
ťom, 1974)
Music of Shapes (Hudba tvarov, 1977)
The Forest (Hora, 1978)
 Ode to Joy (Óda na rados
ť, 1982)
Severe Bread (Prísny chlieb 1987)
A Late Self-Portrait (Neskor
ý autoportrét, 1992)
Reading from Fate (
Číta­nie z údelu, 1996)
Psalms on the innocent (
Žalmy o nevinnej, 1997)
Dragonfly (Vá
žka, 1998)
Simple until the little Roots of Her Hair (Jednoduchá a
ž po korienky vlasov, 2000)
poetry for children:
A Book of Fairy Tales (Kniha rozprávok, 1975)
Saturday Evenings (Sobotné ve
čery, 1980)
Merry Fairy Tale, Stay for a While (Rozprávo
čka veselá, zostaň ešte s nami, 1985)
A Little Well (Studni
čka, 1986)
Silent Fern (Tiche papradie, 1990)
Mechúrik Ko
ščúrik and His Friends (Mechúrik Koščúrik s kamarát­mi, 1991)
Little Prayers (Modlitbi
čky, 1992)
Petals f tom Apple Trees (Lupienky z jabloní, 1993)
Little Zodiac (Zvieratní
ček, 1994)
New Little Prayers (Nove modlitbi
čky, 1994)
Album. Prayer for a Child (Pam
ätníček. Modlitba za dieťa, 1995).
Man, Time, and Work (
Človek, čas a tvorba, 1968)
Four Epistles to the People (
Štyri epištoly k ľuďom, 1969)
On Literature (O literatúre, 1974)
Epistles Old and New (Epi
štoly stare a nova, 1996)
Conversations with Myself and with You (Rozhovory so se­bou a s tebou 1, 2, 1998, 1999)

S. Yesenin: Selection (1957)
M. J. Lermontov: Masquerades (1958)
H. Ibsen: Peer Gynt (1966)
F. Hrubín: 2 x 7 Fairy Tales (1973)
F. Hrubín: Poems (1977)
J. K. Tyl: The Piper from Strakonice (1978)
The Book of Psalms (1991)
Crying of Yeremias (1997)
S. Yesenin: Anna Snegina, Persian Motifs (1998)

Translations from Rufus’s work have been published abroad in many anthologies.
Selected Poems (1973 Hungarian, 1975, 2000 Russian, 1997, 1992 Ita­lian, 1978, 1995, 2001 Polish, 1978 Czech, 1983 Belorussian, Geor­gian, 1987 Lithuanian; 1990 Serbian, 1991 Ukrainian, 1997 Spanish /Time of Farewells/, 1998 German /SevereBread/, Bulgarian /Pages from Fate/, 2000 Russian, 2001 Macedonian /Everyday Dialogue/)
A Poet's Word (1981 Hungarian, selected essays)
Sister Hope (1998, in 6 languages)
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