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Válek, Miroslav: Letter by Letter (Po písmenku in English)

Portre of Válek, Miroslav

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Po písmenku (Slovak)

Plakal by som, ale nemám za čím.
Myslel by som, nemám na koho.
Po písmenku si tú pieseň značím,
opíja ma ako alkohol.

Po písmenku, po písmenku ďalšie…
Ani toľkých v abecede niet,
Koľko zrád a podlosti a falše.
Nepozeraj, nie, nedívaj sa späť.

Medzi nami je už všetko jasné;
aj tá láska, aj tie rozchody.

Kameň, kameň zahodený do vody.

Uploaded byRépás Norbert
PublisherKALLIGRAM, Edícia: Knižnica slovenskej literatúry
Source of the quotationMiroslav Válek - Básnické dielo, ISBN: 80-7149-795-9
Bookpage (from–to)70-70
Publication date

Letter by Letter (English)

I’d drop a tear off, though I haven’t what for.
I would think off, though I haven’t who for.
Letter by letter I drop this poem whole,
it stupefies me like alcohol 

Letter by another, even one more…
Mind you! The alphabet will not soar,
how much false, cheating, behind my back.
Don’t look, turn the blind eye to that.

Everything is clear between us;
our love, split-ups, all that fuss.
A stone, stone thrown to water.

Uploaded byRépás Norbert
PublisherAmazon Kindle Edition
Source of the quotationCollection of Poems: Miroslav Válek, ASIN: B00V6YBLWK
Bookpage (from–to)Kindle Locations 199-207
Publication date