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The page of Vilikovský, Pavel, English biography

Image of Vilikovský, Pavel
Vilikovský, Pavel


(27. 6. 1941, Palúdzka)

Pavel Vilikovský is one of the most prominent Slovak prose writers who started to write in the '60's. Yet his impact on literary taste remained strong even in the 1990's. Vilikovský, son of the literary historian Jan Vilikovský (1904-1946), went to Prague to study film direction at the end of the 1950s. Two years later, he returned to Bratislava and majored in Slovak and English language and literature (1960-1965). During his studies he worked for Slovenské pohľady. At that time he wrote prosaic texts as well as book reviews. From 1970 till 1976 he worked as an editor for the publishing house Tatran. In the seventies he established himself as a translator of English and American literature. He worked as an editor and later editor in chief for Romboid (1976-1996). Since 1996 Vilikovský has been working for the Slovak edition of Reader's Digest. He lives in Bratislava.
As many authors of his generation, Vilikovský debuted in the journal Mladá tvorba (with a short story called Viac než kedykoľvek). His book debut, a collection of short stories Citová výchova v marci, came out in 1965. After a long silence another book, a novella with detective story subtext, Prvá veta spánku, came out in 1983. He published three books in 1989: Eskalácia citu; Kôň na poschodí, slepec vo Vrábľoch and a grotesque novella Večne je zelený... Together with the Hungarian author Lajos Grendel (*1948), who lives in Slovakia, he published the novella Slovenský Casanova (1999), a deeply ironic story about the erotic correspondence of a communist apparatchik. The following book, Peší príbeh (1992), was again a criminal novella, taking place in the ´60´s. Krutý strojvodca (1996) is a collection of texts written in the last 30 years.
In the 1990’s Vilikovský, together with the satiric writer Tomáš Janovic (*1934), published their collected newspaper columns under the title Okrídlená klietka (1999). In 2001 the novel Posledný kôň Pompejí came out (although it had been written in the 1960’s).
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