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Eörsi István: Knickers on the clothes-line (Bugyi a szélben in English)

Portre of Eörsi István

Bugyi a szélben (Hungarian)

Bugyi leng a szélben,
szárító kötélen,
duzzadozik, alakul,
ahogy a szél belefúj.

Aki odabámul,
őszintén elámul,
minő ritka alkalom,
forma van, nincs tartalom.

Uploaded byCikos Ibolja
Source of the quotation

Knickers on the clothes-line (English)

A pair of knickers swings
wind-blown, as if on wings,
billows, rounds out quite a bit,
as the wind blows into it.
All those who see it, gaze:
it's sure to stun, amaze.
Rare occasion, not the norm,
there's no content, only form.

Uploaded byFehér Illés
Source of the quotationLeslie A. Kery