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The page of Varró Dániel, English biography

Image of Varró Dániel
Varró Dániel


1977 born in Budapest, September 11
Studied English Literature at the University of Budapest.

He had earned his first poetical success already at the age of twelve with an epic trilogy Bunny, Bunny's Love and Bunny's Evening alluding to the famous trilogy of János Arany: Toldi, Toldi' s Love and Toldi's Evening. At sixteen he started to publish in the most known literary magazines where his poems where praised for their masterly use of rhyme, rhythm and wordcraft.

Prizes: 1999 Prize of the Bródy Foundation, 2002 Zsigmond Móricz Grant, 2003 Petőfi Prize, 2003 IBBY Children’s Book of the Year, 2004 Attila József Prize
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