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The page of Dsida Jenő, English biography

Image of Dsida Jenő
Dsida Jenő


Born May 17, 1907 in Szatmár; died June 7, 1938 in Kolozsvár, Transylvania. Poet. Poems appeared in Cimbora while a child and in Ellenzék when 19. Completed law studies at University of Kolozsvár. Moved to Kolozsvár and was editorial staff member of Keleti Újság and Pásztortűz until death caused by heart disease. Visited Italy.
His poetry extended traditions of the Nyugat School into the period between two World Wars. Strongly humanistic in outlook. Pessimistic in tone, and his poems dealing with the state of mind prior to death are considered to be among the most detailed and direct of such confrontations. He was one of the most skillful poets in varied use of verse techniques during the period. His translations and interpretations of Chinese, Latin, Rumanian, and German poets are important.
Some of his poems have been translated into French, German, and Italian.

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