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Janík, Pavol: The Concert (Koncert in English)

Portre of Janík, Pavol

Koncert (Slovak)

Neboj sa náhlych zhíknutí orchestra!
To ešte neznamená, že ti dirigent
uzrel na kolene moju ruku.
Dopusť bozk.
Vedz, že pohlavie ťa poburuje len do tej miery,
do akej hudbu znepokojuje potlesk.

Uploaded byRépás Norbert
PublisherVydavateľstvo: Smena Bratislava / Edícia MLADÁ TVORBA
Source of the quotationNezaručené správy
Bookpage (from–to)11-11
Publication date

The Concert (English)

Do not be afraid of sudden outcries of the orchestra!
That does not mean the conductor
has seen my hand on your knee.
Allow a kiss.

Know, that your sex outrages you only as much,
as the music is anxious about the applause.

Uploaded byRépás Norbert
Source of the quotationtranslator

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