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Mezei András: His own command (Parancsra in English)

Portre of Mezei András

Parancsra (Hungarian)

Felírta a fagykenőcsöt

a honvéd sebes lábára.

Útközben még elmondta neki,

hogy aznap hol válthatja ki

a már ostromlott Budapesten,

amíg elsántikált vele

a katona a kivégzőhelyre.

A zsidó orvos

a parancsot teljesítette.

Uploaded bySebestyén Péter
PublisherBelvárosi Könyvkiadó
Source of the quotationMezei András: Adorno
Publication date

His own command (English)

He prescribed a frostbite ointment

for the sore foot of the guardsman.

And he still explained on the way

which chemist could supply it that day

under the rules of the early siege

of Budapest, as the soldier limped

along with him towards the place

of execution. The Jewish doctor

obeyed his own command.

Uploaded bySebestyén Péter
PublisherSmokestack Books
Source of the quotationAndrás Mezei: Christmas in Auschwitz
Publication date