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Válek, Miroslav: Parade (Prehliadka in English)

Portre of Válek, Miroslav

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Prehliadka (Slovak)

Je osem hodín ráno
jablone kvitnú, psi strážia pri dverách
a vetry spia.
Odnechcelo sa mi myslieť na rýmy,
prezerám svoje svedomie
ako starý album s tvojimi fotografiami
ktorým sa už nepodobáš
a na ktoré si dávno zabudla.
Neboj sa, nebudem ťa dlho vyrušovať.
Všetko je v priadku,
k nohe zbraň!

Uploaded byRépás Norbert
PublisherKALLIGRAM, Edícia: Knižnica slovenskej literatúry
Source of the quotationMiroslav Válek - Básnické dielo, ISBN: 80-7149-795-9
Bookpage (from–to)65-65
Publication date

Parade (English)

It’s eight o’clock in the morning,
the apple trees at blossom, dogs guarding by the door
and the winds at slumber.
I didn't feel like thinking about rhymes,
I’m browsing my conscience
like an old album with your pictures
which you don’t resemble any more
and which you have forgotten about since.

Don’t worry, I won’t disturb you for long.
It’s all right,
order arms!

Uploaded byRépás Norbert
PublisherAmazon Kindle Edition
Source of the quotationCollection of Poems: Miroslav Válek, ASIN: B00V6YBLWK
Bookpage (from–to)Kindle Locations 160-170
Publication date