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The page of Dušek, Dušan, English bibliography

Image of Dušek, Dušan
Dušek, Dušan


The Roof of a House (Strecha domu, 1972, short stories)
Eyes and Eyesight (O
či a zrak, 1975, short stories)
A Place Near the Heart (Pozícia pri srdci, 1982, short stories)
Calendar (Kalendar, 1983, short stories)
Thimble (Náprstok, 1985, short stories)
 Merciful Time (Milosrdn
ý čas, 1992, short stories)
A Suitcase for Dreams (Kufor na sny, 1993, short stories)
Thermometer (Teplomer, 1996, short stories)
On Foot to Heaven (Pe
šo do neba, 2000)poetry:
Draughts /or Sips/ (Dűšky, 1990)
Story Without a Story (Príbeh bez príbehu, 1994)
children’s books:
The Oldest of All the Sparrows (Najstarši zo všet­kých vrabcov, 1976)
Little Chirper (Pi
štačik, 1980)
The True Story of Paco (Pravdiv
ý príbeh o Pačovi, 1980)
A Day After a Long Rain Can Be Fragrant (De
ň po dlhom dazdi hýva voňavý, 1984)
Little Chirper Gets Married (Pi
štačik sa žení, 1985)
Grandma on the Lad­der (Babka na rebríku, 1987)
The Door to a Keyhole (Dvere do k
ľúčovej dierky, 1987)
film and television scripts and radio plays:
Rose Dreams (Ru
žové sny, 1976)
I Love, You Lone (Ja milujem, ty miluje
š, 1980)
Jay Birds on Mind (Sojky v hlave, 1983)
Train Men (Vlakári, 1988)
Flies in Winter (Muchy v zime, 1992, radio play)

Translations of Du
šek’s prose and books for children appeared ab­road in many literary magazines and anthologies.
A Day After a Long Rain Can Be Fragrant (1987 German; Bulga­rian, 1988 Russian)
Calendar (1985 Hungarian)
Vanilla - Smoke (1987 Hungarian)
Little Chirper Gets Married (1988 Russian)
Grandma on the Ladder (1989 German, Ukrainian)
The Door to a Keyhole (1992 Polish)
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