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The page of Haugová, Mila, English biography

Image of Haugová, Mila
Haugová, Mila


poet, translator, and literary journalist

14 June 1942 in Budapest. As a child she moved with her parents to different places in Slovakia: Vráble, Nitra, Breziny, Zlaté Moravce, Levice. In 1951–1953 her father was imprisoned for political reasons. After graduating from Agricultural College in Nitra Haugová worked as an agronomist and later became a secondary school teacher. In respon­se to the occupation of Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact armies in 1968, she emigrated to Canada but within a year came back. In 1986–1996 she was an editor of the literary magazine Romboid. From 1996 she has been a free-lance writer and translator. Haugova lives in Bratislava and Levice.
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