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The page of Stachura, Edward, English biography

Image of Stachura, Edward
Stachura, Edward


Edward Stachura or Sted (August 18, 1937 - July 24, 1979) was a Polish poet, philosopher and prose writer.
Stachura was one of the most interesting writers of the Polish postwar generation. Like many artists, he had a heightened sensitivity to experience, and lived a life that was short and at times unbearably intense. Stachura lived his art as much as he wrote it.
He spent his life searching for that which lies beyond facts, beyond acts of sensual experience, beyond the signs of printed words. He wrote his life as long as he lived it, but was never satisfied with the way words conveyed reality. His last major work, Fabula rasa, is an attempt to bridge the gap he saw between literature and life.
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