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Páskándi Géza: Incognito (In cognito in English)

Portre of Páskándi Géza
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In cognito (Hungarian)

Hálok havon rangrejtve-szerelemmel

Dugdosom agyba-főbe koronámat

Arany s velő elkeverednek

Szemek szidolozzák

Rangrejtve surran a vérem


Surran a vérem mint az egérke

Kajtat a testi kosárban

Megrezzen pici bajsza

Rangrejtve surran az árva


Így ölellek

Így tudlak ölelni


S havon


Ne félj mert

Rangrejtve-hó ez



Uploaded byP. T.
Source of the quotationTű foka, 1972

Incognito (English)

I’m sleeping on the snow with incognito-love

Hiding my brain-head-crown

Gold and marrow get mixed

Eyes are brightening

My blood slip incognito


My blood slip as a mice

Fumbling in the body basket

Tiny copper is whiskering

The orphan slips incognito


I hug you so

So I can hug


And on the snow


Do not be afraid because

Incognito-snow it is



Uploaded byP. T.
Source of the quotationsaját