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Kosztolányi Dezső: A kalauz

Portre of Kosztolányi Dezső

A kalauz (Hungarian)

A kalauz.
              Ha este fáradt
s már nincsenek sokan a kocsiban,
leül a padra, míg a villamos fut
a téli fák közt gyorsan és vigan.
Bámul a földre ingó otthonában,
az életére gondol tán, lyukas
emlékeit csörgetve a kezében,
s olyan, mint egy ember, mint egy utas.

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The conductor (English)

The conductor,
                              when tired in the evening,
with few left in the car, to take his ease,
will take a seat whilst the tram runs along
with gay abandon midst the winter trees.
He stares at the floor of his swaying home,
may well have turned his thoughts to life's elapse,
and rattles his holey tokens of remembrance
like a man, a passenger perhaps.

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Source of the quotationL. A. K.