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József Attila: Attila József (József Attila in English)

Portre of József Attila

József Attila (Hungarian)

Vidám és jó volt s tán konok,
ha bántották vélt igazában.
Szeretett enni s egyben másban
istenhez is hasonlitott.
Egy zsidó orvostól kapott
kabátot és a rokonok
úgy hívták: Többé-itt-ne-lássam.
A görög-keleti vallásban
nyugalmat nem lelt, csak papot –
országos volt a pusztulásban,

no de hát ne búsuljatok.

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Attila József (English)

Gay and good was he, though headstrong,
yes, when it came to right or wrong.
Good food he liked, and in his sphere
resembled God himself since long.
The coat he wore did once belong
to a Jewish doctor. His dear
relatives said: “Clear out of here!”
To Greek Orthodoxy did he adhere
which gave him a priest but no sweet song.
In him died all the thinking throng.

And now let all be of good cheer.

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Source of the quotation