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Gyukics Gábor: A szegedi Dómban

Portre of Gyukics Gábor

A szegedi Dómban (Hungarian)

Még az oltáron a szem,
a pap elhagyta a pulpitust,
végére jár az áhítat.
Az orgona hátulról támad,
fordul a nyak,
fordul a test,
koccan a térd,
keresi a nép,
a hang
a mennyek helyett
honnan árad.

Uploaded byCikos Ibolja
Source of the quotation

In the cathedral of Szeged (English)

Eyes are still on the altar,
the priest had left the pulpit,
devotion nears its end.
The organ attacks from the rear,
necks turn,
bodies turn,
knees knock,
the people look
to find a source
for the flood of sound
other than heaven. 

Uploaded byFehér Illés
Source of the quotationLeslie A. Kery