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The page of Borbély Szilárd, English biography

Image of Borbély Szilárd
Borbély Szilárd


Szilárd BORBÉLY was born in November 7, 1964 in Fehérgyarmat, died 2014 in Debrecen.


Poet, writer, literary historian.

Assistant professor at Lajos Kossuth University in Debrecen.


IRAT Prize 1989.

Alföld Award 1995.

Tibor Déry Prize 1996.

Vilmos Award 1998.

Ernő Szép Prize 1998.

Csokonai Award 1999.

Zoltán Zelk Prize 2001.

Attila József Prize 2002.

Palladium Prize 2005.

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