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The page of Tinódi Lantos Sebestyén, English biography

Image of Tinódi Lantos Sebestyén
Tinódi Lantos Sebestyén


Born 1510? in Tinód; died January 31?, 1556 in Sárvár. Minstrel. Parents were peasants. Probably attended Latin school in Pécs. Set sights on literary and music education. After suffering wound in course of continual wars in Transdanubian region (1530-1535), he decided to become a scribe, then chose career of minstrel. Lived in Dombóvár about 1538. Served at courts of Bálint Török, with whom he lived in Szigetvár until 1542, and, in 1544, of Imre Werbőczi. Attended parliamentary session in Nagyszombat in 1544. Lived at court of András Báthory in Nyirbátor in 1548, thereafter on own estate in Kassa. Raised to noble rank by King Ferdinand in 1553. Went to Transylvania in 1553 to publish poems and visited Debrecen and Bonyha. In Eger in 1555, where he died on estate of Tamás Nádasdy.
The most important minstrel of his time. Developed many epic forms of 16th century. Composed melodies for his own poems. Main theme: Catholic and Protestant quarrels should be eliminated for confrontation of Turks. Wrote many historical songs and celebrated deeds of famous Hungarian soldiers.
His poem "Magyarország siratása" has been translated into Japanese.

source :: Hungarian Authors. A Bibliographical Handbook by Albert Tezla
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