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The page of Macsovszky, Peter , English bibliography

Image of Macsovszky, Peter
Macsovszky, Peter


Frustraeon (2000)
Fabricoma (2002)
Dance of Doubts (2003)
Frame and Warps (2004)
Gossipnovel (with s D. Fulmeková, 2004)

Fear of Utopia (1994, 2nd edition 2000)
Ambit (1995)
Amnesia (bibliophile edition, 1995)
Petra Malúchová: Dusk of Virtue (1996)
Practice Autopsy (1997)
Sangaku (1998)
Dusk Speech (1999)
Generator X: Nebula (with A. Hablák, M. Habaj, P. Šulej, 1999)
Gestique (2001)
Clichemantra (2005)
Commodity (2007)

Poetry in Hungarian
Practice Autopsy (1998)
Except (2000)
A Book of False Traps (2002)

Richard Brautigan: Pomsta trávnika (1995)
David Antin: Definície a meditácie (1999)
Márton Koppány: Náhoda nie je metóda (2000)
Sándor Márai: Kniha byliniek (2001)
Sándor Márai: Nebo a zem (2003)
Don Miguel Ruiz: Mágia vzťahov (2004)

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