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The page of Juhász Ferenc, English biography

Image of Juhász Ferenc
Juhász Ferenc


Born 1928 in Bia. Poet. Father a bricklayer. Completed gymnasium in Bia, Bicske, and Budapest. In 1947 attended Attila József College in Budapest as "people's student," where he became acquainted with László Nagy (q.v.) and István Simon (q.v.), who, with him, are members of the new generation of poets. Received Kossuth Prize for Apám in 1950. Became reader for Szépirodalmi Publishers and member of editorial staff of Új Írás. His poems first appeared in Diárium and regularly in Magyarok, Valóság, Csillag, and Új Hang.
Strong lyrical voice in poems, at first extending epic traditions of Sándor Petőfi, János Arany, and Gyula Illyés (qq.v.) and then assuming highly individualistic expression of humanism in rich imagery and meters with concern reaching beyond his immediate environment to universality.
Some of his poems have been translated into Bulgarian, English, French, Polish, Rumanian, and Russian.

Hungarian Authors. A Bibliographical Handbook by Albert Tezla
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