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Toman, Karel: September (Zárí in English)

Portre of Toman, Karel

Zárí (Czech)

Můj bratr dooral a vyzpráh koně.
A j ak se stmívá,
věrnému druhu hlavu do hřívy
položil tiše, pohladil mu šiji
a zaposlouchal se, co mluví kraj.

Zní zvony z dálky tichým svatvečerem;
modlitba vesnic stoupá chladným šerem.
Duch země zpívá: úzkost, vira, bolest
v jediný chorál slily se a letí
k věčnému nebi.

Svatý Václave,
nedej zahynouti
nám ni budoucím.

September (English)

My brother has finished his ploughing, unharnessed the horses;
and now, in the gathering darkness
has quietly laid his head on the mane of his comrade
smoothing the neck; and begins to listen
to the voice of the country around him.

Far away sound the bells for the peaceful Eve of the Festival.
Through chill evening air arises the prayer of the villagers,
and the soul of the earth is in song: all anguish and faith and sorrow
are blended in one great hymn, and are soaring
up to the eternal skies.

Wenceslas, Holy one,
do not leave it to die into silence
for ourselves, or for men hereafter.