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The page of Dyk, Viktor, English biography

Image of Dyk, Viktor
Dyk, Viktor


Viktor Dyk (December 31, 1877, Pšovka u Mělníka – May 14, 1931, near the island of Lopud, Yugoslavia) was a well-known Czech poet, prose writer, playwright, politician, political writer and lawyer.
Viktor Dyk studied at a gymnasium in Prague (one of his teachers was Alois Jirásek) and than at the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague.
In 1911, he became involved in politics and joined the Státoprávně pokroková strana. During the First World War, he was imprisoned in Vienna for his resistance activities against Austria-Hungary. In 1918, he co-founded the Czechoslovak National Democratic Party (in Czech: Československá národní demokracie).
His political views were conservative and nationalist. In the times of the First Republic of Czechoslovakia, Viktor Dyk was one of the prominent intellectual opponents of the leftish president Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk.
Viktor Dyk died of a heart failure while swimming in the sea near the island of Lopud.
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