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The page of Pinkava , Václav Z. J., English biography

Image of Pinkava , Václav Z. J.
Pinkava , Václav Z. J.


Czech poet who was born in Prague in 1958. He is the eldest son of the eponymous Czech polymath, alias Jan Křesadlo. He lived in England from 1969 to1991, and attended the Queen's College, Oxford from 1977 to 1982. A British/Czech dual national, dual native-speaker, he returned to the Czech Republic in 1992, initially as an expat. Most recently he has spent almost five years in Czech media top management.  Married since 1985, he has four children. He is also a resident and former independent local councillor of the village of Bohdalec in Moravia, although he has never been a political party member. His interests include IT, business management, painting, music, chess, poetry translations, and his own bilingual poetry.


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