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The page of Válek, Miroslav, English bibliography

Image of Válek, Miroslav
Válek, Miroslav


Touches (Dotyky, 1959)
Attraction (Pri
ťažlivosť, 1961)
Un­rest (Nepokoj, 1963)
Love-Making with the Goose Flesh (Milovanie v husej ko
ži, 1965)
Word (Slovo, 1976)
From Water (Z vody, 1977)
poetry for children:
Charms Under the Table (Kúzla pod stolom, 1959)
Let’s Look at Nature, Who Benefits and Who Causes Harm (Pozrime sa do prírody, kto oso
ži a kto škodi, 1960)
Where the Birds Live (Kde
žiju vtáčky, 1961)
Great Travel Fever for Young Travellers (Ve
ľká cestovná horúčka pre malých cestovateľov, 1964)
To Tramtaria (Do Tramtárie, 1970)
On Literature and Culture (O literatúre a kultúre, 1979)
Inspirations (In
špirácie, 1999)

Valek translated mostly poetry from French, German, American (mostly in co-operation with the linguists); as well as from Polish, Czech, and Russian: P. Verlaine, R. M. Rilke, G. Corso, J. Tuwim, V. Nezval, A. Voznesensky, G. Ajgi. These and more translations from Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, and French were published in the book Translations (Preklady, 1977)

Selected Poems (1969 German, 1978 Belorussian, 1978 Romanian, Moldavian, 1979 Russian; 1981 Polish, 1982 Bulgarian, 1983 Mace­donian, 1985 Spanish)
Word (1977 Russian, 1978 Georgian, 1983 Kasakhian)
Touches (1980 Moldavian)
Forbidden Love (1983 Georgian)
The Ground Beneath Our Feet (1996 English)
Selections of Válek’s poetry appeared also in Czech, Hungarian, Italian, and Ukrainian. A selection of literary journalism was pub­lished in
Czech. His books for children appeared in English, Armenian, Bulgarian, Dutch, Finnish, Georgian, German, Hungarian, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian.
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