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The page of Němcová, Božena, English biography

Image of Němcová, Božena
Němcová, Božena


Božena Němcová was born in 1820 in Viena. She spent her childhood in Ratibořice. She was influenced by her grandmother, who moved to Němcová's family.At the age of seventeen she married officer Josef Němec. He was a strong patriot, that's why he wasn't much fawoured by his superiors and he with his wife had to move from one place to another. Travelling through differnt parts of Czech country and meeting people from different social stratums made Němcova aware of social and polotical problems, which appear in many of her books. In the 50s Němcova fell ill and her son Hynek died. In spite of this tragic period of her life, particularly to this time is her most famous book ,,Babička '' originated. Božena Němcová died in January 1862.
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