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The page of Blažková, Jaroslava, English bibliography

Image of Blažková, Jaroslava
Blažková, Jaroslava


The Nylon Moon (Nylonový mesiac, 1961)
The Lamb and the Grandees (Jahniatko a grandi, 1964) if from a Congratu­lations Card (... ako z gratulacnej karty, 1997, selected prose)
The Marriage at Cana of Galilee (Svadba v Káne Galilejskej, 2001)
books for children and young people:
Tono. Me and the Ants (Tóno, ja a mravce. 1961)
The Island of Captain Hashashar (Ostrov kapitána Ha
šašara, 1962)
Fireworks for- Grandad (Oh
ňostroj pre deduška, 1962)
Daduska and Jarabac (Dadu
ška a Jarabáč, 1965)
How Cats Bought a TV (Ako si ma
čky kúpili televízor, 1967)My Excellent Brother Robinson (Môj skvelý brat Robinson, 1968)
Tales from a Red Sock (Rozprávky z
červenej ponožky, 1969)
works translated into foreign languages:
The Nylon Moon (Czech 1961, German 1962, Hungarian 1965, Polish 1965, Slovenian 1966, Gemian 1996 [in the anthology Ich trage das Land], Estonian 1968);
short stories from the collection The Lamb and the Grande­es appeared in various anthologies (in German under the title Sie­ben Würfel, 1967, in English as Czech and Slovak short stories, 1966, Seven Short Stories, 1967, and New Writing in Czechoslovakia, 1969, in Polish in Opowiadania slowackie);
Her books for children (Tono. Me and the Ants, The Island of Captain Hashashar and Fire­works for Grandad) have been translated into Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, German, Danish, Finnish and French.
How Cats Bought a TV has been translated into twelve European languages.
As for works written in emigration, her short stories appeared in anthologies in Danish (Noveller Fra Tjekkoslovakiet), Czech (
ření, 1976), English (Canadian Fiction Magazine, 1980, The Boundaries of Twilight, 1991). A 60-page fragment of The Marriage at Cana of Galilee appeared in the anthology entitled Die Liebe in German (1987).
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