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Rúfus, Milan: Ante Scriptum (Ante scriptum in English)

Portre of Rúfus, Milan

Ante scriptum (Slovak)

Čo som to stratil už?
A čo vždy ešte stretám
z toho, čo prešlo cez náš dom?

Vždy ešte tu
a stále ešte nie Tam –

nad matkou Zemou na dotyk nízko lietam
jak lastovičky pred dažďom.

Uploaded byP. T.
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Ante Scriptum (English)

What is it that I’ve already lost?
And of those that already passed through our home,
which do I meet again?

Always still here
but not yet there

I fly low over mother earth, a touch away
like a swallow before the rain.

Uploaded byP. T.
Source of the quotation