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Kisfaludy Károly oldala, Angol életrajz

Kisfaludy Károly portréja
Kisfaludy Károly


Playwright, novellist, poet and painter. His family belonged to the nobility. After the secondary school, he joined the army in 1804. He took part in the war against Napoleon, and was promoted to the rank of a lieutenant, yet he resigned in 1811 because he could not bear discipline. He broke with nobility in 1812.
He learnt to paint at the Vienna Academy, but he gave it up, too, for the theatre. He learnt to do copper engravings in 1813. He spent his time in the company of writers and artist and lived on portraits and loans. He travelled to Russia, then to Italy in 1815. He returned to Vienna in 1816 and decided to live in Pozsony. In 1817, he settled down in Pest. He sold landscapes, lived in poverty and played with the idea of committing suicide.
The year 1819 brought a change in his life: one of his 16 dramas was played with great success. Before very long, his plays were performed one after the other. He published the first volume of "Aurora", a book on belles-lettres. His friends, young romantic writers (Vörösmarty, Bajza, Toldy, and Czuczor) considered him to be the leader of the Aurora-circle which made Pest a centre of literature. Shortly before Kisfaludy's death, Széchenyi wanted him to be the editor of "Jelenkor", a political paper about to be launched. He died of tuberculosis.

source: http://www.hung-art.hu
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