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The page of Viewegh, Michal, English biography

Image of Viewegh, Michal
Viewegh, Michal


Michal Viewegh (born March 31, 1962, Prague) is one of the most popular contemporary Czech writers and the bestselling one. He writes about romantic relationships of his contemporaries with humour, and variously successful irony and attempts at deeper meaningfulness; he is sometimes compared to Nick Hornby by his fans.
His books, which, since the late 1990s, he publishes every spring, have sold over 50,000 copies, bringing him an upper-high-class income unparallelled among Czech writers (by his own boastful admissions, his royalties from a successful book are equal to roughly 8 years of an average Czech salary). His 2004 income was Kč4 million. Viewegh likes to point out this success with readers, as well as the fact that his books have been translated to several languages and made into films, since he fell out of favor with critics in mid-1990s, which sentiment he heartily reciprocated in his following books.
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